Inflammation of the joint capsule is called capsulitis. Capsulitis of the metatarsophalangeal joint or the joint connecting the toes and their respective metatarsal bones is a type of metatarsalgia. A joint capsule essentially surrounds these bones and helps hold them together.

When the joint capsule is exposed to too much pressure from activities like walking, running or jumping it can become inflamed. Capsulitis is a common problem treated at our clinic. Our goal in treating this condition is to focus on decreasing pressure off the painful area allowing the inflammation to subside.


  • Abnormal foot mechanics
  • Excessive weightbearing pressure
  • Bunion deformity
  • Second toe longer than the big toe
  • High heel shoes

Signs & Symptoms

  • Ball of foot pain
  • Sensation of walking on a stone or pebble
  • Swelling at base of toe
  • Callus formation along the impacted joint
  • Redness of skin at impact joint

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