Flat feet are a common condition of the foot structure. In infants and toddlers, prior to walking, the medial longitudinal arch is not developed, and flat feet are normal. Most feet are flexible and an arch appears when children begin standing on their toes. The arch continues to develop throughout childhood, and by adulthood most people have developed normal arches.

Foot alignment sets the foundation for the rest of your body’s alignment. One of the most common causes of improper foot alignment is flat feet, or fallen arches. This condition is characterized by the lack of appropriate medial arch height. With flat feet you are unable to properly support your body weight causing increased pressure and stress to other joints in the body such as the ankle, knees, hips and back. Many people with flat feet do not experience pain or other problems. When pain in the foot, ankle, or lower leg does occur, especially in children, the feet should be evaluated.


  • Genetic disorders
  • Abnormal foot mechanics
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  • Short Achilles tendon
  • Arthritis

Signs & Symptoms

  • Decreased arch height
  • Achy pain through arch and midfoot
  • Feet may feel stiff or become numb
  • Pain in ankles and lower legs
  • Cramping of calf muscles

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